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Waterlilies are the staple of the water feature...my favorite!  They are low maintenance, provide beautiful blooms throughout the summer, shade for the fish and subsequently keep the algae down.  We have assorted colors and sizes of waterlilies for small to large ponds, which require water depths from 6" to 48," depending upon the variety.  We also carry miniatures, which are ideal for container water gardening.  All waterlilies are potted and ready to place in your water feature.  We currently have the following varieties available: 

  • Alba ( White)
  • Attraction (Red)
  • Chromatella (Canary Yellow)
  • Colorado (Changeable Apricot, Salmon)
  • Darwin, also known as Hollandia (Pink)
  • Fabiola (Reddish Pink)
  • Gonnere (Snow White)
  • Helvola (Yellow Miniature)
  • Joey Tomocik (Vibrant Yellow)
  • Perry's Baby Red (Burgundy)
  • Sioux (Orange)
  • Texas Dawn (Lemon Yellow)
  • Yellow Water Snowflake